As Epitomized by Captain Planet, Really

Conversation from work yesterday: Coworker: And besides, superheroes must have great carbon footprints. Me: That’s true. When Superman flies home to Kansas to visit his folks, he definitely isn’t taking a plane! Not like Lex Luthor, taking a private jet all over… Coworker: See, there’s saving the world…and then there’s saving the world.

New York City Deathsport

Today, I’m pretty sure, was the first day of New York’s Deathsport season. Like baseball, Deathsport has a fairly long season, though less predictable: it starts when the weather begins to consistently hit the upper 70s and above, and lasts until the weather no longer does that. The rules are simple: catch a subway in Manhattan during rush hour. Don’t die. If you make it to your destination alive, you win. This is not as easy as it sounds. First, while you might think that what with the giant tunnels and all, subway platforms would get pretty good air circulation,