Or something like that, anyway.

I’m on a kick where I want to start blogging somewhat more regularly again! However, I know myself well enough to know that I probably, uh, won’t. But I did do some general upkeep around here, by which I mean, I went through and made about half of the posts private. I’d already done a few on my last kick (last year? lol), but the more I thought about these archives, the more I itched to nuke the whole thing. That’s the thing about having had this blog, in one location or another, since 2006: so much of the well meaning stuff I wrote in those first years makes me cringe now. But I don’t want to lose all of those earnest, well meaning, poorly written posts, so instead of deleting, I set them to private. (Um. Also some more recent posts, because I don’t like them anymore.) I also redid all of the categories and tags around here, since most of them were no longer needed.

So: will I update at all after having said this? Probably not! But maybe! The future is mysterious, so who can say?

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