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Month: August 2017

  • Freed by Flame and Storm

    Kirkus Loves Freed by Flame and Storm!

    The first review for Freed by Flame and Storm is in… and it’s great! And while not exactly spoilery, it does drop some pretty heavy hints about what’s to come… A former slave must choose between vengeance, mercy, and justice in the conclusion of the epic fantasy duology that began with Bound by Blood and […]


  • A Separate Peace

    Blitzball Is Hell: A (Very) Few Thoughts On A Separate Peace

    Hey, before we dig in! I was on a podcast! Superhero Ethics invited me to drop by and talk about storytelling and the hero’s journey, especially with regards to Star Wars and what the changes from A New Hope to Rogue One signify. Recording was super fun and I think it was a great conversation, […]