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I have been thinking a lot about this blog and why I never, ever use it, and there are a lot of reasons, most of them silly and personal (or personal because they’re too silly to share, to be more accurate). But I did semi-recently break down and start a tumblr, where I post a lot more. Most of it is reading/writing/publishing related, and it’s pretty rad because I can share the very smart (and/or clever) things other people are saying, as well as toss up my own thoughts when I have ’em. So that’s here: beckytext. (Why not allreb?

Things That I Wrote, Uh, Elsewhere

Hmm, so, this place still exists, does it? That’s nice. It turns out, I much prefer running websites to actually updating them. Good thing that’s what I do for a living. And speaking of the website I work for, (didja see how I transitioned there? I’ve still got it!), I actually wrote a piece there recently: On Grief, and Connecting to a Community I was raised by parents who didn’t just tell me that it was important to do good things and help my community, they demonstrated it in the way they lived their lives. Dad was a volunteer firefighter.

Writing Elsewhere: 30 Years of HIV

During a meeting at work a few days ago, we were scrolling through a collection of MSNBC videos, and stopped on this one. If you’ve got a moment, check this out: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy [Summary for those who don’t do video: an NBC news segment from the early 80s, which reports on a mystery illness found primarily but not exclusively in gay men, which wrecks the immune system. A third of the people who have it have died, mostly of Kaposi’s sarcoma or pneomocystic pneumonia. The CDC has just released a