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Month: June 2017

  • Jae on the BBB&S and FBF&S covers.

    Six Months Out Giveaway

    BOOK TWO: IT’S TIME. Um. In six months. Still: six months goes by so quickly! I can’t believe we’re already in June of this completely ludicrous year. So if the next six months go as quickly as the previous six did, well, it’s basically time for Freed by Flame and Storm, right? Or maybe I’m […]


  • The Free World of Francie Nelson’s Brooklyn

    I knew even less about A Tree Grows in Brooklyn when I started reading it than I had about Little Women. But it was, in a lot of a ways, a perfect answer to Little Women, right down to the moment, early on, where Francie mentions that she read and enjoyed Little Women. Liberty vs. […]