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Becky Allen grew up in a tiny town outside Ithaca, New York, and graduated from Brandeis University with a major in American studies and a minor in journalism. She is the website director of, an online HIV resource, and loves New York, brunch, and feminism. Becky lives in New York City.

Becky Allen, photo by Rachel Allen

The slightly longer version, in first person:

My name is Becky Allen (that’s it up there in the URL). I grew up in the teensy tiny town of Newfield, New York, in a house that was within walking distance of an apple orchard up the road and a covered bridge just down the street. I walked to school, uphill both ways (there were multiple hills), and often through snow drifts that were taller than I was. (To be fair, I am not very tall.) I played bass clarinet badly, soccer even worse, and took part in basically every student activity. I was so much nerdier than you are picturing.

I then attended Brandeis University, where I majored in American studies, because there were classes that would let me watch TV as homework, and minored in journalism, on the theory that I should probably attempt to learn something useful. Please note I did not go on to be a journalist, but I do watch a lot of TV. I was also at various points a director, VP, and writing coordinator for Boris’s Kitchen, the campus’s sketch comedy troupe, and I worked at the university library. Senior year, I was doing all of that plus a journalism internship and a full course load. So naturally to relax I wrote my first serious attempt at a novel. (It was not very good.)

Becky. Thanks, instagram filter!
Becky. Thanks, instagram filter!

After college I moved to New York with the vague idea that I would work in publishing or something. I spent a year working at a business magazine, which, ironically, then went out of business. I scrambled to find a job, applied to a copyediting position at, an online HIV resource, and didn’t get it because I’m a lousy copyeditor. However, I was offered a job doing web production instead. I have now been there for over eight years with various job titles and responsibilities (currently as Director of Site Operations which sounds much fancier than it is).

I still live in New York, with my sister, Rachel, and our extremely photogenic cat, Lily.

After moving to New York I wrote my second and third novels, which were also not very good, and then my fourth novel, which eventually became BOUND BY BLOOD AND SAND. (It was a long process to get it there; I wrote it from the ground up three times. I sensed that it had potential and kept at it largely because I was still learning how to turn potential into a good story, but also a little because I’m a ridiculously stubborn human being.)

Other fun facts about me! For awhile, there were as many copies of Star Wars in my apartment as there were mammals. I used to drink a lot of soda but don’t really do that any more. I know all the words to all three High School Musicals and even own a copy of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure. My father used to threaten me with the idea that someday, I’d have to get up at 6 AM every morning to go to work. My entire adult life has been a quest to avoid that. I really, really don’t like mornings.

I’m represented by Hannah Bowman of Liza Dawson Associates.

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