Coming from Delacorte Press, December 12, 2017.

Freed by Flame and Storm
Revolution is nigh, and one girl stands at the head of it all.

Jae used to be a slave, laboring with the rest of her people under a curse that forced her to obey any order she was given. At seventeen years old, she became the only person to break free—ever. She alone found magic. Now she wants to use her power to free the rest of her people, but the ruling class will do anything to stop her.

Jae knows that breaking the curse on her people would cause widespread chaos, even unimaginable violence between the castes, and her caste would likely see the worst of it. Many would die. But to let them remain shackled is to doom them to continue living without free will.

How is one girl, raised a slave and never taught to wield responsibility or power, supposed to decide the fate of a nation? She will have to start a revolution and find out.

Freed by Flame and Storm completes Jae’s story.

Content warnings: violence, PTSD.