Five Months! Also, Welcome

Five Months! Also, Welcome

Some tweets from earlier today: Hey, psst. BOUND BY BLOOD AND SAND comes out SIX MONTHS from TODAY. Add it on Goodreads, if you're so inclined! — Becky Allen (@allreb) May 11, 2016 FIVE months. I'm good at writing, bad at counting, turns out. — Becky Allen (@allreb) May 11, 2016 … So THAT happened. I had a whole plan! It was to reveal this shiny new website six months before BBB&S comes out. To centralize all the information about the book here, with all the links and updates and good stuff to know. To move the blog

More Links

I have been thinking a lot about this blog and why I never, ever use it, and there are a lot of reasons, most of them silly and personal (or personal because they’re too silly to share, to be more accurate). But I did semi-recently break down and start a tumblr, where I post a lot more. Most of it is reading/writing/publishing related, and it’s pretty rad because I can share the very smart (and/or clever) things other people are saying, as well as toss up my own thoughts when I have ’em. So that’s here: beckytext. (Why not allreb?

Things Both New and Useful

First thing’s first, here is a cool new thing in my life: I have been recruited as a submissions editor for Apex Magazine! Which sounds quite fancy and exciting, but all it actually means is that I’m a slush reader. Which, for friends and family who don’t know publishing terms, means that I’m one of the first readers whenever someone submits a story for the magazine. (I screen to see if submitted stories meet the quality and content needs of the magazine, send a no-thanks letter for anything that doesn’t fit, and pass up the chain anything that does.) The

Autumn Cleaning

Or something like that, anyway. I’m on a kick where I want to start blogging somewhat more regularly again! However, I know myself well enough to know that I probably, uh, won’t. But I did do some general upkeep around here, by which I mean, I went through and made about half of the posts private. I’d already done a few on my last kick (last year? lol), but the more I thought about these archives, the more I itched to nuke the whole thing. That’s the thing about having had this blog, in one location or another, since 2006: