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  • Becky (me), wearing a wetsuit and sunglasses, preparing for a surfing class

    23 Nice Things From 2023

    Hi, friends! First, a bit of housekeeping. To my great sadness, Tinyletter (the service I use to send this) is shutting down. I like Tinyletter a lot because it really is just a text editor where I can toss my thoughts out and send them to you all, and every other newsletter service I’ve looked…


  • Me, on my birthday trip, wearing a tank top that reads 'Take a trip with friends'

    Turning forty

    Hi friends, I’m forty years old. While not exactly news, this is new, in that my birthday was the day before I’m writing this. I’ve been surprised by the number of people who’ve asked how I feel about this. There’s a lot to unpack around why peple ask that question, but that’s not what I’m…


  • Me, dressed in a steampunk costume

    Wrapping up 2022

    Hi friends, It’s New Year’s Day! I recently posted my single annual blog entry, about my 2022 in writing, and at the end I noted that I love the potential of a new year, a new project, a blank page. I truly do love that feeling, and this year especially, I feel like I’m primed…


  • It has certainly been a year. Whoops.

    Hello, friends! So, uh. It’s been a year since I sent a newsletter. When I wrote last year’s January missive about hope, I was feeling very optimistic — for the world, and for my ability to send a newsletter every month. Well, we’re now staring down the barrel of year three of a global pandemic,…


  • Writing Through the Pandemic: 2020 Wordcount

    Hello! First a reminder that I only update this blog once a year for this very word count post. If you want to know what I’m up to more often, try my newsletter (though even that isn’t too frequent…). After everything the horrors of last year took from us, perhaps the pettiest complaint is that…


  • My shadow falls over a sidewalk where someone has painted 'It's a BEAUTIFUL day' the day the 2020 election was won by Biden

    On a new year and a fresh start –

    Hi friends, Happy new year! Welcome to 2021, and good riddance to the hellscape that was 2020. Though that feels weird to type for a variety of reasons, but especially because nothing actually changed except a digit in the date. It isn’t a big change. But it feels big, and naysaying that feeling just seems…


  • On (not) finishing projects –

    Hi friends, Well, March was quite a month, huh? I almost don’t believe it’s over. I have no idea what April will bring, or May, or… You know what, I’m not really going to talk much about current events, except to say that I am fine, and doing about as well as anyone can be…


  • On swimming and anxiety –

    Hi friends, I swear I did not mean for this newsletter to be a journey of my personal attempts at self-improvement. Oh boy does that sound obnoxious. Instead what I set out was to just write about what was on my mind every month (and yes, I have failed at that “every month” part, but…


  • On the fear of being tacky –

    Hi friends, Yesterday was a very nice day. Last month I emailed you all about buying an apartment — about the emotional need that drove that decision. Not too many days after I composed that newsletter, we closed on the place, and spent the next few weeks frantically painting, assembling furniture, packing, and handling the…


  • Grief, housing, and an extended boating metaphor –

    Hi, friends — Around the time my father died, I started having dreams about cleaning out my childhood bedroom. The house I grew up in was a bit of a tumbledown wreck — think: ceiling leaks every spring as the snow melted off, a staircase where each step had a different height, not a single right…