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Category: Newsletter Crosspost

  • Grief, housing, and an extended boating metaphor –

    Hi, friends — Around the time my father died, I started having dreams about cleaning out my childhood bedroom. The house I grew up in was a bit of a tumbledown wreck — think: ceiling leaks every spring as the snow melted off, a staircase where each step had a different height, not a single right…


  • On Serendipity, Myers-Briggs Personality Types, and Not Blogging

    Hi, friends! I am writing this newsletter because of a weird moment of serendipity that happened as I was thinking about why I don’t ever write things for this newsletter. I’d been thinking about newsletters and blogging for awhile, actually, and why I’m so bad at keeping up with things like that. Because I am. (This newsletter being…


  • I wrote a paragraph, and other life news.

    Hi folks, I had really good intentions with this newsletter. At the very least, I figured I’d, you know, send out something on Freed by Flame and Storm‘s pub day. But pub day was last week and this newsletter did not go out. It wasn’t just pub day, though. I had a list of ideas…


  • One Year Bookiversary

    Hi friends!I originally had a whole other newsletter drafted for today, mostly about life-related, instead of book-related stuff. But then my BFF emailed me “Happy book anniversary!” and I remembered, oh yeah. Today marks a full year since Bound by Blood and Sand hit the shelves. This year has been…rough. It’s been dominated by a never-ending political…