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Bound by Blood and Sand Mini-Teaser and ARC Giveaway!


Today is August 11th. That means we are a mere two months away from the release of BOUND BY BLOOD AND SAND. And I thiiiink that means it’s just about time to kick things into gear over here and make sure you all know some pretty rad things.

Let’s kick it off with a rad ARC giveaway, hmm?

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Bound by Blood and Sand by Becky Allen

Bound by Blood and Sand

by Becky Allen

Giveaway ends September 11, 2016.

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Thing #2! A couple of weeks ago, BBB&S got its first major review. It came from Kirkus, and it was a rave.

Debut author Allen has crafted a gripping narrative that explores complex questions of agency, the impossibility of remaining innocent in an unjust system, and how manipulating history enables the domination of the present. … Most of the characters’ motivations avoid simplistic moral binaries, and wrathful, ruthless Jae, who uses her newfound power to punish and even kill without regret, is a particularly courageous choice for a heroine.

Ferocious and intelligent.

(I bet now you hope you win that giveaway even more.)

Thing #3! While this lovely website, which is still pretty shiny and new, will always be here to help you keep track of my book-related comings and goings, it certainly isn’t the only way. Pick whichever you prefer:

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