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Post-Release Roundup


Hey hey hey! Today marks a full week that BBB&S has been out in the world — wow! I get a little thrill every time someone tells me their copy has arrived, and I hope if you pick it up, that you’ll dig it.

A few reviews have come in. Aside from the Kirkus review over the summer, BBB&S has also gotten some praise from Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist online. You can hop over to the book page to see those — for example, BBB&S being described as “a tale of sacrifice, restoration, community, and magic that begs for a sequel.”

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve also been all over the internet. Here’s a roundup of interviews and guest posts from me, about the book, writing, reading, and more.

Whew! And a huge thanks to Nori and her Sunday Street Team for arranging so much of that, plus a handful of reader reviews, too!

Places you can win a copy of BBB&S:

And believe it or not, there’s even more to come! But in the mean time, I’d better get busy on copyedits for the sequel….

Desert feature image by Swen George via flickr.

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