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It’s Almost Here! Roundup and Teaser



LOOK WHAT JUST ARRIVED!!! The CD copies of my audiobook! It's nine hours, eight discs, read by the ridiculously talented January LaVoy. I can't wait to listen! (Uh… Does anyone have a CD player I could borrow…?) #YAfantasy #YAbooks #bookstagram #BBBAS #audiobooks

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It’s almost time. Two weeks from today, Bound by Blood and Sand will be out in the wild, appearing bookstores and on e-readers across the country.


Over the next few weeks, before and after launch, I’ll be posting some various guest blogs and interviews and whatnot across the internet. As it is, here are the first few links!

  • Per that picture above, the audiobook is ready to go! Listen to a sample here. It’s nine hours, eight discs, and read by the fantastically talented January LaVoy.
  • Over at Fragments of Life, they asked me who I would ideally cast in a movie of BBB&S. Here’s my answer, plus a giveaway!
  • At Dark Faerie Tales’s fall carnival, they wanted to interview my protagonist, Jae. As it happens, Jae is not very good at being interviewed. Plus another giveaway!

(…there’s at least one more giveaway coming. I’m just so excited for people to get their hands on the book!)

And oh yeah… here’s another mini-teaser.

BBB&S promo

(Original image by Stanislav Sedov via flickr.)

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